GREENMAP is a Habitech project which helps companies in the manufacturing sector foster sustainability and build a circular economy

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GREENMAP offers a variety of services aimed at helping manufacturers in the green building, energy efficiency and smart technology sectors in their transition towards the global goals of 2050 and a circular economy.


The global goals for 2050 and European taxonomy have a pillar in the circular economy, whose objective is to multiply the economic value generated by the use of finite resources. This entails developing strategies at all levels to boost the potential for innovation of supply chains.


The journey to a complete circular economy is gradual and should be integrated into a process based on activities such as mapping products and systems, revising criteria and parameters, measuring sustainable performance of processes and implementing innovative concepts.

New intelligences are opening new frontiers.


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With over ten years’ experience, we have assisted more than eighty companies on their journey to sustainability and analysed over nine hundred products. Our clients include:

GREENMAP supports your transition towards your sustainability goals and the circular economy


GREENMAP assists its clients in the achievement of their corporate mission by implementing new strategies. It includes the economic value chain to deliver products that make responsible use of primary resources, places, people and corporate culture.

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Mapping helps catalyze a client’s initial insights or explicit market demands, where principles of sustainability are necessary prerequisites, and translates a company’s value into specific and usable indicators.

We help you build a step-by-step path, guidelines or roadmap which allow you to map your current situation and define a way of implementing improvements using the major sustainability standards.

Globally, as well as in the vision of the European Green Deal, transitioning to a circular economy, which includes a by-design approach to products and services, is considered a priority for the new industrial strategy.

GREENINNOVACTION combines the pillars of the green economy with innovation management in a single service.

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