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GREENMAP is Habitech's program for the sustainability of production supply chains and build a circular economy

GREENMAP is a service program aimed at the manufacturing supply chains of sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and intelligent technologies: we catalyze sustainability as a lever for transition towards the global goals of 2050 and a circular economy.
We have been at the forefront of these issues since 2011, having developed partnerships with over 80 companies with international markets and analyzed over 900 products. We consider sustainability strategic for innovation and development and support clients in their mission by structuring new concepts.


GREENMAP engages the economic supply chain that contributes to the realization of products through a conscious use of primary resources, places, and people, fostering a culture of enterprise.
The program accompanies clients in the supply chain through timely or progressive evolution, according to their needs. Starting from an understanding of the value of their products/processes/services, it allows for the identification of their position in terms of specific sustainability, with an eye towards anticipating future trends. It also enables the coherent development of their market proposals, positioning, and profile in accordance with related principles.

The GREENMAP program supports clients from technical analysis to marketing communication


The GREENMAP program supports the transition towards sustainability goals, understood as environmental, social, and governance integration, for the creation of new value.

  • To develop concrete sustainability actions consistent with the company’s mission, policies, and strategies.
  • To use an international reference metric on sustainability.
  • To structure product evidence highlighting reputational and performance characteristics of the production cycle.
  • To enhance resource management, processes, and promote the transition to a circular economy.
  • To develop new potentials.
  • To promote awareness of sustainability principles and transparency.

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