Thanks to passion, to intuition of Mario Bongio, was born a small factory in the heart of Novara province, precisely in Pella.
We are close to Lake Orta, and a few kilometers from Milan.
It was the year 1936, an Italy that despite the good will of many small and medium entrepreneurs, must even know the horrors of a world war.
Quality and courageous choices of Mario Bongio allowed his company to go through hard and difficult times, giving priority until the start to a unique style based on innovation and creativity.
HQ Brass, historical Murano glass crafts, crystal, have given the company, a unique character.
Bongio has always considered taps and bathroom fittings in a more comprehensive manner, approaching the subject in its entirety rather than dealing with it as a collection of distinct pieces, quite separate from one another.
The catalogue of the current production, now managed by Mario Bongio’s son, Antonio, still lists many of the projects created in the ‘30 and ‘40, thus confirming their quality and modernity, which you can still perceive today.
In more recent years the manufacturing technique has kept up with the research work, aimed exclusively at the top quality of the products with the ever-present unmistakable style.
The products are genuinely “Made in Italy”, the outcome of authentic and outstanding Italian craftsmanship, and not just publicity.
Bongio’s regular attendance in first-rate showrooms all over the world is the best recognition of our long-standing commitment.
Everyone knows many of the “pieces” created by Bongio, now: they’ve become the icons both of design and of unlimited feeling and passion.
Designers and creatives that today have the good fortune to work for Bongio can only take note of the charm and somehow fall under the spell of the enthusiasm that they experience in the company and in the people who work there.
The owners, Antonio, Grazia and Alessandra (3rd generation), together with all the workers and collaborators, all share the strong and unequivocal desire to make things properly and successfully.

The products

TIME 2020

Time 2020 collection has made in brushed AISI 316 stainless steel. CARTRIDGES: we use different…

Contribution matrix - LEED

Testo per LEED, inserire da Opzioni Greenmap EN

LEED V4 BD+C Building Design + Construction

Area EA - Energy and atmosphere- Energia e atmosfera

Prereq Fundamental Commissioning and Verification
TIME 2020
Credit Enhanced Commissioning
TIME 2020

Area MR - Materials and resources - Materiali e risorse

Prereq Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning
TIME 2020
Credit Construction and Demolition Waste Management
TIME 2020

Area WE - Water efficiency - Gestione dell’acqua

Prereq Indoor Water Use Reduction
TIME 2020
Credit Indoor Water Use Reduction
TIME 2020

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